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Before you go and let yourself cut, you must have an idea about how is done and be aware of problems associated with breast enlargement surgery.

How will I feel after breast enlargement surgery?

After the operation, there will be some discomfort on moving your arms, but this wears off after a week or two. Occasionally blood collects around the implant in the first 24 hours after surgery, and the surgeon may have to re-open the incision to remove the blood. 

In some cases, infections can occur and most surgeons would prescribe antibiotics. If the infections will last and be too severe, the implant may need to be removed and replaced a couple of months later. The nipple may feel sore, or there may be a loss of feeling in the nipple area. This is only temporary. The scarred skin may become red and thick and may stay like this for a year or two before starting to fade slowly. 

Tissue may tighten around the implant, squeezing it and making it feel much firmer. This used to be a common problem but occurs less often with modern implants, which have a textured surface. If this happens, you may need another operation.

Also, you must know that a breast implant will not last forever. The average silicone implant lasts about 15 years, so it might need to be replaced in the future. Most of the implant is placed behind the breast tissue, between it and the chest wall muscle (although very occasionally, it is placed behind the chest wall muscle, between the muscle and the ribcage). It is never placed in the breast tissue, so it does not interfere with the function of the breast and you can breastfeed later on if you wish. The implants come in a great variety of sizes, so a correct-sized implant can be used to make your breasts look similar. 

There will be a scar in the crease line under the breast. This will be red at first, but will gradually fade over 12 months. If a saline implant is used, some surgeons will be able to insert the bag of the implant by keyhole surgery through an incision in the armpit. The bag is gradually filled with saline afterwards, and this technique means there is no scar on the actual breast.

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