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Most of us want to have beautiful and perfect nails, but not all of us can easily have them. This requires a little bit of attention and care towards our nails. All of us can’t afford or manage to go to a salon for manicures/pedicures. Nails also dries out just like our skin, the harsh changing weather conditions badly affect the nails making it look rough, discoloured, flaky and dry, it sometimes tends to crack as well. Our nails are composed of tough protective keratin proteins which are a hard layer just above the nail bed. To protect it from water loss we should use coconut oil for nails as it acts as a barrier for the permeability of water. A healthy diet rich in protein and minerals is essential for our nail and hair growth. Natural products are better to use for our beauty care rather than using products containing harsh chemicals. Keeping the nails clipped, cleaned, and moisturizing plays an important role in the growth of our nails. Coconut oil is the key to moisturized, conditioned and healthy nails, we can say it is a blessing of nature and the cheapest way to ensure our nails are continuing to look great. Coconut oil is available in solid(just like shortening/butter) and liquid forms, generally it’s liquid at room temperature in summers.

How to make nails grow faster?

Having long nails with different edgy shapes is the dream of every girl. We all know that oiling our hair can make them grow longer. The same happens when we apply oil to our nails. It makes them grow longer and healthier without the nails getting cracked. For all the women out there who want a healthy growth of their nails can use coconut oil. It enhances the growth of the nails and makes it easier to get the desired shape of the nails.

Coconut oil for stronger nails

Coconut oil is the best-known element for its moisturizing and nourishing properties. Moisturized nails not only give a healthy look to your hands but it also makes your hands look attractive. Moreover, you can have a manicure at home and it soothes your hands with soft supple care that relaxes your soul.

Coconut oil has the ability to strengthening nails and cuticles because it contains all the important nutrients required for stronger nails. Plus, it even outs the surface of nails so no more flaky and dead-looking nails.

Besides moisturizing your nails, it also gives them a polished and shiny look. It could be applied as a base coat or topcoat before and after applying any nail paint giving your nails a healthy and glossy texture. Just like our skin our nails also tend to get dehydrated. Coconut oil restricts water loss and acts as a barrier keeping it look hydrated and beautiful. It aids in protecting your nails against the harsh/dry weather conditions which can them look dried out.

Prevent nail fungus with coconut oil

Many women complain about the fungal and cuticle infection taking place in their nails. As a natural product, coconut oil also resists fungal growth in your nails and makes a protective layer on your nails against fungal and cuticle infections. Nail fungus is more common in people who walk barefoot or use communal showers, to keep themselves safe use of coconut oil is the best option.

In short, coconut oil and can be used as a daily beauty care routine due to its several benefits. One should always have a small container filled with coconut oil with them so they could have a moment of relaxation after a long working day. Take some time from your work routine and spend it on looking after your nails. Coconut oil is such a blessing that nobody should be deprived of this magical ingredient.

Use a small amount of warm liquid coconut oil directly by massaging it on to your fingers and toes gently. This aids in proper circulation of blood in the parts of the body where you massage. Best time for massaging is at night before going to bed because it is when you don’t have to work or put your hands in water.

You do a simple home pedicure by adding 1/4 cup of coconut oil into some lukewarm water along with some other essential oils and honey for the salon special manicure/pedicure. Now put your fingers or toes in this nail soak tub for half an hour. You will experience a very relaxing and soothing effect with this treatment.

Coconut oil can also be used as an ointment for treating fungal and cuticle infections. All you have to do is add 1 part of oregano oil into 5 parts of coconut oil. This ointment is beneficial for people who have fungal infections in their nails. Use this at least twice a day on your fingers or toes till it gets absorbed. It can also be used as a shiner and can be applied as a top coat and base coat on your nails after applying nail paint to give a perfect healthy look. This pops up your nail colour with vibrant shine.

There are a variety of coconut oils available in the market but it’s hard to choose the one that will work best on your nails. Organic Extra Virgin coconut oil is known for its purity as it is odour-free and is super smooth and silky when applied. It is best to use on your nails and it will make them look prettier and you will not have any problem with coconut-odour as some people dislike it. Regular use of coconut oil for nails enhances their strength. It also purifies the natural pink colour of the nail and prominent out the white part which provides a natural manicure look. From dryness to the growth of nails it is a complete package for our nail care treatment, therefore, it is beneficial for everyone.

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