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  • English potato

Rich in fibre, sweet potatoes (GI 40) is the darling of duty malhadoras. But not so the English have to leave the menu. Avoid overcooking and forget the idea of transforming it into a puree – are preparations that increase the GI of 65 to 85. Make baked potato, preferably with other vegetables (carrots, eggplant, zucchini), and finish with a wire olive oil. Better yet, serve as fish monitoring, chicken or another source of lean protein.

  • Tapioca

It is gluten-free, but it is not holy! Nothing that a handful of seeds mixed into the gum and a protein filling (egg, cheese mines, shredded chicken) can not solve. The fruits rich in fibre (apple and pear) or fat (avocados) also have this power. And if you want, you can leave to sprinkle the seeds on top of ready tapioca.

  • Bread

A 100% full version (GI 67) is more harmless than the French bread (95). Still, it is worth accompanied food capable of reducing the speed of digestion. How about a sandwich with scrambled eggs or shredded chicken with green leaves and grated carrots? In the preparations made at home, replace part of the white flour having other fibres such as coconut, linseed and passion fruit. More protein, flour of chickpea and quinoa are also good choices.

  • Vegetables

If cooking (always al dente!), Cut the vegetables into large pieces. The more minced, the greater the risk that they have destroyed the fibres and thus the IG increased detoxic παρενεργειες.

  • Pasta

Select whole-wheat pasta (good fibre) or grano duro (contains more protein) and cook al dente – so the starch (pasta carbohydrate) remains more resistant. Another possibility is to replace a portion of the zucchini cut into thin strips in the form of spaghetti. And at the end of preparation, sprinkle sunflower seeds and sesame or drizzle with a little olive oil. Add vegetables and healthy fats brings another advantage: turns this food into a unique and balanced dish.

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