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Medical and health circles believed that dust allergies are to be considered as seasonal allergies also because dust also belongs to small particles that float airborne such as pollens, moulds and others. It’s quite alarming that in the United States alone about 35 million people are affected by these allergies. Some of the signs of illness are sore throat, runny nose, itchy nose and eyes, coughing, sneezing, post nasal drip and asthma. These are all affecting humans’ health and can really lose a lot of energy, affect your mind and even your understanding about what is happening.

How to treat allergies?

Anyone who is experiencing any of the signs mentioned whenever you do garden works, better try purchasing an allergy medication especially if you already have hay fever. Sad to say that even if you take this medication cannot assure you that affected with seasonal allergies can be gone already. That is why the best option is to visit a doctor who is an expert in allergies that can help you. Remember that an allergist can trace your family background because allergies can be also adapted through genes. These seasonal allergies signs of illness, should not last long when affected because it is already alarming once this happens. Of course, an allergist can study different signs such as the colour of your mucous, because this is one way on how to determine your infection if it is a bacterial or viral infection.

Different testing can be done to diagnose seasonal allergies and will able to find out where it came from. Skin testing is commonly done. They conduct this test by injecting the lower surface of the skin with a small number of suspected allergens. Once the patient feels irritation and redness of the skin the person may be allergic which could affect within 20 minutes after the injection. Blood testing is also an option of an allergist to check some components of the immune system which are the immunoglobulins and their abnormality happens when the allergy is present.

Eosinophils are a cellular system of the immune system and can also be tested and when the level of these immune cells increases allergic reactions will be associated. While seasonal allergies are very usual these days, awareness of these allergies is very important in maintaining our good health.

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